Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I simply can't complain

I'm currently sitting in a business that enables you to tan while you launder your clothes. I'm not on the Jersey Shore, just the U of Louisville campus. J's apartment doesn't have laundry and I didn't have enough luggage to bring up a months worth of clothes. I can go without doing laundry for over a month when I have my entire wardrobe at my disposal, that's not really impressive just lazy. 
The last week has involved a lot of sleeping in, drinks and games. I love college. Being on winter break in Louisville has kind of spoiled me, oh well. Over the last week Jason and I have exchanged Christmas gifts, because we're both impatient as well as done a bunch of other things together since I'm staying with him during break. We decided to save stockings for closer to Christmas and that lasted until last night. Oops. That's ok, we have three more Christmases between our families that we must be patient for. Actually I could stand to just prolong some of them for a few more months down the road. Yeesh. 
Last week we got free movie tickets to the new Sherlock Holmes, I hadn't seen the first so I spent much of the day watching the first and then being lazy and watching other movies. The next day we had free tickets to the new Mission Impossible but didn't get there early enough, apparently there were some very excited fans that got there over an hour early...darn...I don't like Tom Cruise the human being but I do like that he does all of his own stunts including scaling the tallest building in the world, in Dubai, for the movie. So as an actor, he has some redeeming qualities. Not enough for me to actually pay for his movies but I'd go see one for free. 
On my other days off, usually while Jason was working, I got myself domesticated and baked cookies and did dishes. I've also been reading a lot and visiting red box. Or I look for an excuse to go perusing around Target or anywhere with people and interaction. Hanging out at home with the cat is fun and all but not having my own friends here gets a little taxing. And depressing. 
I'm looking forward to heading up to Michigan to see family and friends. I'm looking even more forward to having my family come down to Nashville (including my niece and nephew)to celebrate Christmas Southern style. I LOVE having visitors. It seems a bit ridiculous to drive all the way to Michigan just to turn right back around a few days later to celebrate in Nashville and then come straight back to Louisville. I sure do love to drive. Words with Friends and reading will help me get through those long drives. 
I went to a work party with J and friends on Sunday. It was debauchery and awesomeness. There were burlesque performers, an open bar and lots of people watching. I saw boobs that were not the performers, girls making out and people falling down. It was perfection. 
I've been reading Spontaneous Happiness by Dr. Andrew Weil. If you're looking for good reads regarding mental health (it's not self-help) check it out-he's a social worker's dream even though he's an M.D. (Stew-I'm thinking of you with this one). 

Hope everyone has a wonderful week, I know I will. 

Monday, December 12, 2011

I follow rivers

Oh this last week has been lovely. I had my last day at my field placement, received good news at the surgeon's appointment and got to spend some time with the best boyfriend a girl could ask for. The only non-lovely thing to come about within the last week was the disgusting head cold I've been battling and then passing along to J who had finals. What can I say? I like to share. Sorry :(
So a majority of the week was spent in Louisville. I was told at the doctors to practice walking on the boot without crutches for a week to ten days. I took that to mean use the crutches as minimally as possible. It's an awkward boot to walk on and it's definitely taken some getting used to. When I walk on it I have a bit of a limp but it's gotten better. I still need the crutches when not wearing the boot, which is basically just at night or out of the shower. I will be going back to the Doc in six weeks to find out what's next, likely it will be physical therapy once the boot is gone. Yipee. 
While in Louisville I've successfully finished my Christmas shopping, well all but my Grandma and helped decorate the apartment for the holiday. I've also learned how to make homemade chicken noodle soup and convinced Jason that he really enjoys cooking for me. It's a fair trade, he cooks, I wash dishes. I'm beginning to think he's got the better end of that deal. I cook too but not as well or often. 
We exchanged one gift each because we are impatient. He opened one of his nerdy board games, which we played with friends on Saturday, and I opened my T-Rex necklace (yes!) and two books one of which I already started. 
All of this downtime not in school or at my internship has resulted in me starting and finishing Stephen Colbert's book and looking for other things to do while J is studying or at work. It's been so cold here I've got little desire to go outside though the sun has been out so that helps. I have a feeling this break is just going to involve a lot of reading, movies and seasons upon seasons of tv shows and wine drinking. I also need to start thinking about field placement next year because we are going to be interviewing for those in March. Damn. It's flying by already. I also need to figure out what I'm doing this summer. If I didn't have things to plan I don't know what I would do with myself. 
I am getting very excited to head up to Michigan, though it will only be for a short time I'm hoping to squeeze some time in with my friends up there. It will also involve family time, not just mine and dealing with Michigan weather. I don't know if I remember how to drive in that crap. We shall see.
Hope you have a wonderful mucus-free week, I hope I will. 

Monday, December 5, 2011

I'm gonna leave my body, gonna lose my mind

The other morning, I think it was Wednesday I had the opportunity to sleep in since my classes are now over. Instead of doing that I woke up at 6:30 in the morning with my heart pounding because of this:
 I had a dream that a spider (this is my very accurate rendering) was ferociously attacking me. He wasn't an ordinary spider this guy was the size of a kitten and didn't seem to mind the light or my attempts to kill him. In my dream he was stalking my moves. He'd pop up out of nowhere. And when he finally got to me there were people around just watching in horror as he bit me with his beastly fangs. And then I woke up. Don't let the picture fool you, he was terrifying. (my skills with MS Paint aren't quite refined yet).  After waking up I shook out my blankets and looked under my pillow for spiders. I hate spiders, especially in Tennessee where I have seen some gnarly ones. After I convinced myself that there were no spiders in my bed I fell back asleep for a bit. Friday morning I had a dream that I was in a real-life LOST situation and Saturday morning I woke up after a dream that my current relationship had ended. I probably have a brain tumor with the extensive amount of action the back of my eyelids have seen lately. Or I'm finally getting a sufficient amount of sleep and I have a mental disorder. That's probably more likely than the brain tumor. Though I have had a few headaches lately...
Last week was pretty awesome in that I finished my first semester of grad school and I'm still waiting on one of my grades but it's looking like a solid 4.0. Woot. Even with a broken ankle and all I managed to rock this semester. This week I also finished up my internship until January (except one council meeting tomorrow) and I got my semester evaluation from my supervisors. They have been really happy with my performance and had only one critique for me regarding supervision. They also said they now have really high expectations for me after this semester because they now know what I'm capable of. That may come back to bite me in the ass. I need to remember I don't always need to be an over-achiever. So as far as academics I was flying pretty high. I also made a pretty nice amount of cash for babysitting. Some other aspects of life didn't go as swimmingly this week but I can't expect things to go smoothly all the time. 
Had a little family scare and I'm waiting to hear about some doctors visits until I feel less restless. I'm sure things are going to be just fine and I'm trying to stay positive about it. I don't like being so far from my family when stuff like this comes up. It also makes me realize that I suck at communicating with some of my family. Need to work on that I suppose. 
This week I should have been working on dealing with disappointment when things don't go as planned. That's what happens when you grow up not dealing with much disappointment, you kind of expect things to go the way you expect them to all the time. I don't throw a fit like one would expect of a spoiled girl, I withdraw and try to figure out how to deal with the change in plans. I can see how people could come to resent a person like that though. And why it might cause problems. 
Ankle update: Still on crutches. My ankle is beginning to look like that of a normal person's. It's nice to be able to look down at my ankle after taking of the massive walking boot and not be horrified by the swollen cankle that I had a few weeks ago. It's not normal sized by any means but I have a defined ankle again. Doctor's appointment in two days where I am hoping he will tell me no more crutches. If he doesn't I may beat him with one.... or at least fantasize about it as I nod my head an stifle a cry of frustration. We'll see what happens I suppose. 
Other than the ankle and the crazy dreams I'm thankful to have my physical health. I'm also thankful for having the opportunity to be back in school and take advantage of the breaks in school. Now let's make the best of it. 

Have a wonderful week :)