Saturday, August 10, 2013

Hello, lover.

Lately it seems I have become a woman obsessed. A week ago I looked down at my shoes and thought, "I don't really like these dress shoes anymore, they look old and worn." Since that moment I have spent my free time obsessively searching for THE shoes. The perfect shoes that are functional for everything. They don't exist because apparently I hate everything....anyway, why do I continue to look and look for shoes when I have at least 20 pairs of shoes between my closet and entry room? Not only is it shoes, it's purses, work clothes, dyeing my hair red, painting my toe nails, etc, etc. Are we seeing a theme here? I am the most fortunate girl in the world and I can't seem to remain satisfied with just being still. I'm also frustrated that don't seem to be getting the results I was hoping for in changing my diet, it was much more effective 3 years ago, and I've concluded my metabolism sucks because I'm 27. It just means working harder and being way more active.
I am confronted with this often when I am feeling comfortable. I've got a job, a place to live, a man that adores me (I must be a magician) and a means to start chipping away at the mountain of student loan debt I've acquired. It is NOT time to start looking for a new project. It's time to maintain. I need to learn how to do that.
So that's where things are, seemingly right where they should be. Maybe I'm ok without a bunch of changes happening, it just feels weird to not be constantly working. 


I will say that in my search for the perfect shoes I found a brand that I fell in LOVE with though I haven't talked myself into that price range just yet. 
Hello, lover.