Sunday, August 29, 2010

You don't have to be sincere just tell me what I want to hear.

Week two was filled with all sorts of new things. I'm beginning to get a better handle on my job expectations and I've already set up a contract with one of my clients, my boss seemed relatively impressed so that's good news. I've been able to talk more to my coworkers as well and have realized I don't need to censor myself as much as I thought I'd need to. Whew! They all kind of give each other shit and are pretty sarcastic so I seem to fit in pretty well. This week also included my 'supervision' meeting which I found out I have to do weekly with my boss until I've been there for a year, everyone else does once a month. It's kind of nice though because it gives us an opportunity to discuss particular clients or issues we're having and bounce ideas off of each other and I'll be seeing a mix of different people every week. The work week ended with an invite to drinks with two of my coworkers at a bar that included free cover for ladies (another perk of having a vagina) and free drinks until 11. I spent zero dollars which was awesome. The coworker that invited me brought his girlfriend, who is randomly from Grand Rapids and another one of his dude friends. I quickly realized that everyone I work with is dating, married, engaged or pregnant. SWEET! It was still a good time and we all got to know each other a little better. I'm feeling a little more hopeful about this whole making friends thing. Oddly though it made me feel kind of homesick and really wanting to see my friends from the mitten. Soon enough I suppose.
This week's class was also pretty cool. We jumped into the content very quickly and I was on the ball. The gist of the lecture was genetics and how during development (in the womb and after birth) is effected by the environment. They've linked nuturing to changes in your genetics (epigenesis). There is no good way to explain it without going way into depth and I'm just too fucking lazy for that right now. Look it up. Moral of the story is I spoke up with my opinion and asked questions, those of which came with the mention from my prof of being 'excellent questions' so I'll take it. No class next week which is kind of a bummer.
I did some extensive apartment hunting online and went to 2 different apartments to check out. One is in Antioch (its kind of in the scrotum in relation to Nashville if we're speaking in genital terms, which i often do) and the other was supposedly in the West End, if by 'west end' they meant ghetto. Antioch was nice, good price and seemingly safe. 'West End' was everything else. So it seems I will be choosing the 'smart' choice even though I'd much rather be in the west end area where all the hipster and Vanderbilt kids live. I found a puppy when I went to visit the antioch apartments and I almost took him home, he was a tiny French bulldog and I loved him immediately after I got done cussing at him for running out in front of my car. He came up and licked my hand and basically said 'I love you take me home' but alas I was  getting honked at for pulling off onto the side of the road so I set him down away from the road in someone's yard. I may or may not have driven by later on to see if he was still there....just to make sure he was safe.
Today I went to the Frist Museum to see an exhibit on 'The Golden Age of Couture' showcasing high fashion from the 1940's and 50's. I LOVED it. I fell in love with a Christian Dior dress...and wanted to steal it..and go shopping immediately after. Who knows what next week will bring.    

Sunday, August 22, 2010

One week in.

So I'm one week in to living in Nashville. So far I have learned most of the ropes at the new job, survived rainstorms and driving with my fellow Tennesseans during said rainstorms, found a replacement coffee shop for Biggbys (its called CoCo's) and attended my first masters' class. Not too bad for a week. I'm really trying not to overwhelm myself with everything that I need to get done; GRE, apartment finding, moving, classes, continuing to learn the job, etc. I've gotten a bit better at navigating myself around the city and learning some of the areas, mostly West End which I seem to favor. My garmin has saved my ass several times.
I miss my friends terribly and I've been texting and facebooking tons. I'm considering making a trip up for Labor Day already, ahh, we'll see.
I saw an excellent mullet today at Home Depot and have been on the lookout for many since I've been here. Mostly things are pretty similar to Michigan except for the fact that No ONE ever uses a turn signal around here and it drives me effin crazy. The traffic is way worse but the people seem to be nicer. I've yet to meet anyone outside of work that I'd even consider befriending. It is nice being able to see my sister everyday and hanging out with her puppy, even if she is insane.
I'm making an effort not to allow myself to be sad or mopey, I'm rarely at home unless I'm sleeping or reading.
One of the kids at work told me I sound like I'm from Boston. Ha, I asked him if its because I don't have an accent and then realized that, yes, I do in fact have an accent compared to everyone else.
Adventures of the week: navigating home without a GPS, avoiding getting picked up at a gas station, going to a music Showcase, looking for hangouts and people watching all over downtown.
Next week will involve tons of reading for school and trying to not screw up at work. Onward!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rock stars and social workers

Today was pretty fantastic.
I'm a casemanager at a high school that specifically works with kids with behavioral issues and I got my first caseload. For me it just feels like I'm finally being recognized as responsible, which is also kind of scary. I'm beginning to really enjoy my job and feel relatively confident. Plus I love working with teenagers as crazy as that sounds. day got more interesting and sweet when I went to my first class. The professor is really cool and no nonsense and is really open to discussion. I spoke up early and often through much of the class which is my intention throughout the entire semester so I can get a good reference letter and stay on top of the readings and assignments. We all introduced ourselves and I found out there was a fellow Spartan in the class and also the ex-bassist for Ben Folds whom I promptly made friends with, cos we got paired up. I realized also that I need to tone down my sick sense of humor around people I don't know. Some laugh and some look horrified. However my supervisor uses the word 'fuck' more than I do.
I've also recently learned that if its raining in Nashville then people automatically lose all driving abilities and freak the fuck out. I almost said 'ya'll' today and promptly bit my tongue. It seems like if you're constantly surrounded by it you just can't help it. Yikes.
So far I'm really liking things just missing my friends like crazy. I'm trying to keep busy to think less about it. This weekend I may be going to the Frist to check out an exhibit on 40's and 50's vintage couture, then I may just go shopping, heh.

Monday, August 16, 2010

So it goes.....

Well, I accomplished what I set out to do 3 years ago after I graduated from college and I hit the jackpot and ended up in Nashville, TN. Ok, so maybe it's not everyone's ideal place to live, including mine, but it is certainly a change of pace.
My wonderfully tolerant sister took me into her house (temporarily) which she will soon regret (eternally). I hope to get out of her hair before the domestic violence starts. Or before she permanantly makes me her dog-walker. I'll be looking for a place to live as soon as I can find an apartment that is not in the ghetto where I need to worry about knife fights or gang rape. I can't decide what color to wear so none of them will let me in.
The first day of work was today and it was a bit underwhelming. I would even go as far as saying boring. I'm not used to being able to sit down and listen to one person talk at one time. I need multiple distractions to function in the workplace so these kids better start calling me names soon or its just not going to feel like I'm doing my job. I miss my coworkers terribly. I looked forward to their verbal abuse and sexual harassment and all these damn social workers and therapists at this school are too politically correct. Maybe that will change....we'll see.
I'm trying to keep and open mind and look for adventure and opportunity. I'm also excited to go out and about and really do some people watching. It doesn't get much better than a tourist town.

Nothing crazy has happened the first 72 hours here, I'll need to shake things up this weekend.