Sunday, April 24, 2011

If I came back as a Zombie I would totally eat your brains first. Nom Nom.

Well it's Easter. The only thing that means for me is I can eat purple marshmallow peeps and have a damn good excuse for it. I always start with the ears first. I'm probably going to go into a sugar coma but that's the price I pay for my dedication to the Easter bunny.
When I was a kid we didn't go to church, ever. The only time I went to church was if I was having a sleepover at a friend's house and their parents drug me along. It mostly just made me uncomfortable. I remember on Easter at our house it was celebrated with plastic egg hunting, massive amounts of sugar before 8 a.m. and some sort of little gift from my parents, the older I got the more likely it was cash. The Easter bunny came until I was 17, boy do I miss his visits now. Now I'm just confronted with status updates on Facebook of an undying faith in Jesus or people wishing everyone a Happy Zombie Jesus day. I'm not too keen on either but to each his own.
This week involved a lot of bruises, dude stuff and sweating. This week reminded me of what's to expect for this summer because one of the days this week it was 86 degrees outside and the humidity has began creeping right in.  The upside is that I
was able to skateboard almost every day this week and I'm starting to get better, finally. You wouldn't know it by the condition my body is in though. The other leg isn't quite as bad. I swear I'm not usually clumsy. My friend said it makes me look like a bad ass. I was thinking dumbass but whatever. As much as I'm getting bumps and bruises it's something that makes me happy. I beat myself up too much mentally, it was time for a change.
Aside from the skateboarding I played some sand volleyball at midnight on Thursday night being that we didn't work early on good Friday. That was pretty hilarious and there was sand everywhere, I'm still vacuuming it out of my carpet after tracking it through my apartment. Friday was laid back after a couple hours at the park my friend and I went to see HANNA which was pretty frickin awesome. All of the music was done by the Chemical Brothers which set the tone for the whole movie. I wanted to see Water for Elephants but as soon as he watched the trailer I knew I couldn't put him through two hours of Robert Pattinson, I don't even want to sit through that but the book was so damn good. Saturday I went on a hunt for some vintage goods that I can wear during the summer. I wound up with two dresses that I am pretty psyched about but I can't wear until I stop looking like a domestic violence survivor. It's just too warm for pants at this point. Fat people shouldn't relocate to warmer climates, that just didn't register in my brain before I chose Nashville. Today I had intended to get some groceries and cleaning supplies at Target. Of course it was closed, it's Easter Sunday and I live in Tennessee. Most everything was closed except my gym which I visited so I would feel less guilty about Easter candy. So I went to Kroger and bought some Peeps and laid around the rest of the day.
I LOVE PEEPS! Even the name.
I've mentioned before about how it seems that strangers, especially those in customer service seem to attract themselves to me and say weird things. Today while in a drive thru paying for food (Burger King specifically and yes I ate like crap all weekend) the cashier saw my tunnels (in my earlobe-currently at 1/2") and asked if he could put a straw through one. This is after her called me darling 14 times while I handed him my debit card and he asked me where I was going and where I had been. It's weird, he was hilarious and ballsy enough to ask so I let him. My earlobe was de-virginized by a stranger in a drive thru. What will I tell my kids?
And hey; judge not lest ye be judged, right?

Monday, April 18, 2011

I get by with a little help from my friends.......

Holy smokes this week flew by me. My brain melted at one point during the week only to be revived shortly after by logic and the hard slap of reality.
The thing that drives me crazy about myself is that it seems that I feel EVERYTHING to an extreme. I prefer to stay even tempered and balanced on a day to day basis. That is a goal I have yet to attain and here's why; I'm slightly crazy. It seems that when I develop a feeling about a situation I recognize it, label it and then run with it, swiftly and without further thought. I feel things to their core. Some would say that's passion, I would say it's kind of a curse. I get very tuned into a feeling and have trouble breaking from it even after being confronted with all of the facts and reasons why maybe I shouldn't be feeling that way. Sometimes they come with a fury and hold me captive for hours leaving me in a state of disrepair. That's when I do one of two things. Call my best friend crying or hole up in my apartment and sulk. I chose option number one this weekend. My best friend is my rock in situations like this. And she pretty much rocks my socks anyways because this Tuesday I got a sweet necklace and note in the mail. Love that girl. She also pondered how to send human feces in the mail, I convinced her otherwise.
So my parents dropped by for a day. We did the dinner thing and hung out for a bit. They were heading over to East Tennessee for a car convention. Nerds. The rest of the week I was pretty bored save for time spent at the skatepark. On Saturday my sister called to see if I wanted to grab lunch. Fifteen minutes later she called in hysterics saying the house is flooding and she needed me to come over. Oh man.....disaster. I have no attachment to anything in the house so its a lot easier for me to think clearly and plan steps while she was on the phone freaking out about things getting damaged by water and trying to move equipment away from the stream of water coming from the basement ceiling. Needless to say those are 7 hours from my life I am never getting back but I may later use them as leverage for favors. Ha. She and her boyfriend were super grateful and took me for sushi as a thank you. Free sushi was totally worth running up and down basement stairs 143 times carrying heavy objects. Plus I'm poor so anything free sounds pretty good to me. Sunday was spent with errands and then four hours of skating that cause me to wake up this morning with a very stiff knee. Left knee and concrete met and were quickly mashed together, they don't like each other.
On an unrelated note; I am not a parent nor should I feel like one considering no babies have exited my vagina so if you want me to take care of your children like a parent you probably shouldn't be a bitch to me. Just a thought. If you can't take care of your kids because you're ill equipped or incompetent you get help but it isn't guaranteed and you are not entitled to it. I'm here to help NOT parent your children. These parents make me reconsider that whole wanting to be a Mom idea.
I miss Michigan and hope to visit soon. In the meantime I will keep my head up and my crazy emotions under control. Now for that whole fixing kids and parents thing....

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Name-calling like the playground days

I still can distinctly remember being the little girl hanging upside down on the jungle gym being taunted about my last name or which boy I had a crush on or for being helpful  to the teacher (I was not a teacher's pet!). Even once there may have been the stereotypical pulling of the pig tails. Sadly none of that ever really ends. Boys will still look for stupid ways to get your attention and people with still say hurtful things about you. The playground is a smaller scale version of adulthood sans the bills and substance abuse (one would hope). You have your key players; playground monitors (your boss, authority, parents, etc), your crush, the bully, the socially awkward, the followers, the nerds, the cool kids and then there's you somewhere in the mix. There are norms, rules and playground politics. I was told to play nice with everyone which I feel still rings true today, without compromising honesty or self respect. There were a few instances this week when I felt like I was back on the swing set having insults lobbed at me and pretending not to be bothered. I suppose that's what you get when you play with children.
Alas, this week involved me at the gym every day. My knee is not back to normal but I'm pretty much doing what I can to do low impact stuff. It felt good to get back into the swing of things. Work, gym, dinner, whatever. Normalcy. Even work wasn't as bad this week, from what I can remember....I think my brain is storing that memory someplace else and it won't come out until I develop Dissociative Identity Disorder (aka multiple personalities). We are now in the single digits as far as weeks left of school and weeks until I am jobless and poor. It's funny because I don't think about it often but I'm beginning to have some somatic issues related to stress. Might want to watch out for that. In the meantime pretending like everything is a-ok works really well for me.
The weather was gorgeous this week and I am becoming what normal people would consider "pale" rather than my usual translucent skin color. Saturday and today were actually just hot and humid which kind of scares me because it's only April. The rest of the weekend was hardly productive except that I got a haircut and made $50 to sell tee shirts at a concert. The people watching at country concerts is pretty epic and people spend ridiculous money on merch.
On a side note I am a huge brat.
My parents are coming down this week and I've got work. Other than that hopefully it's the gym, the skatepark and sunny weather.
Have a wonderful week :)

***I realize this was after I posted but it goes along with the name calling theme. I went to watch the Nashville Predators (hockey if you don't know) play the Columbus Blue Jays on Friday. Not only are the Predators fans poor sports but they talked shit about the Red Wings the entire game. Chanting 'you suck' at every opportunity. They weren't even playing the wings! WTF?!? I don't think I'll be returning to watch them play unless it's to watch them lose to the Wings.  Dickbags. I'm sure the team is awesome but a lot of the fans are jerks. Also there chants lack any wit or creativity. Na Na Na nah Boo Boo.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

All affected way too easy by the love and the hate.

Holy wow this week was odd. I went into work on monday only to learn that one of my clients was in a significant amount of trouble. This is a client I pushed to get because I knew he'd be worth the challenge if I could affect some change. Needless to say the week started off a bit rough. I'm not a 'go through the motions' type, especially at work and I don't ignore blatant problems which is why I feel so frustrated at work some days. It's hard to understand why people that chose a field to teach children and they make statements like, "he's just a lost cause," or "what's the point of even trying?" Or they sit and argue with a child or power struggle with an oppositionally defiant kid. Those are the days I want to beat my head against a wall. The incompetence of some people isn't the hardest part of my job though, it's outright ignorance. Ignorance on the parents part when they they their kids they 'wished they were never born' or continue to list off all of the problems that they caused for them. I had a meeting with the same kid Friday and I met with his mother as well attempting to figure out how he can return home without mass chaos. It was difficult to bite my tongue when I heard those things. I tried to counter with optimistic and positive statements to no avail. After massive amounts of frustrations with the meeting and the bullshit that took place to even have the meeting I drove towards home and just let it out. I put my huge Jackie O sunglasses on and had a good ten minute cry. I decided that even though there are things that I have no control over and can't take away there are things I can do to assauge a situation. Regardless of what happens I really don't think that situations are 100% hopeless even if they look that way sometimes. It does make me sad that parents breed a negative environment and it spreads to everything in the home. I wish there was a pill for that instead.
So rough week at work but better in most other areas. To doctor my knee my friend told me about glucosamine for joints, there isn't evidence that it works but I feel like it made a huge difference, enough so that I did 3 miles at the gym two days in a row and was able to skate during the week as well. It made me feel so much better and I've got so much more energy. Unfortunately I'm not even close to being on pace for the 1/2 marathon. I'll figure something out.
This weekend was a trip. Friday we went out to Crags and played pool, I of course got killed every time. It was a huge dude fest so it was a little weird but I met friends of friends and met some pretty cool people. I had a good talk with Jason and Stew about my standards for men and expectations and how I am a repeater. I definitely am and I need to break that habit when it's time to start looking. I'm not looking.
Saturday I was invited to a moped rally by my friend Julia. She has a friend that is in a moped gang (I am not kidding-gang) and they travel all over so he came down to Nashville with his gang. Imagine a massive garage with high ceilings full from side to side with mopeds and hipsters. I wish I took pictures because it's hard to put into words. There were a lot of skinny jeans, PBR's and moped enthusiasts. They even have rules and regulations of how you form a gang and how you become a member. There are no beatings (I asked). I called it 'a nerdy Hell's Angels meeting.' However I don't think Hunter S Thompson would have gotten involved. All of the people there were really cool and extra smelly with a mixture of gasoline and body odor. It was rad. I do kind of want to be a part of something like that though not with mopeds, I couldn't pull that off and look cool. Ever.

This week will be a lot of me focusing on the positives at work, forcing myself to think of a positive to every negative....this may be harder than I think. Hope everyone else has a wonderful week :)